Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's a Stone? It's a Twig? No, It's a Callous!

3.2 mi. BF (Green Lake).
I run Green Lake a lot less often these days than I once did, but I think that's about to change. What a smooth run for barefooting! I made it all the way around and back to my car without my soles screaming. I kept feeling like I was stepping on a pebble under my left foot, though, and kept trying to wipe it away. I finally realized that what I was feeling was a developing callous! I think there's one spot that's still just a little tender, so it feels like something's poking me when it's not. I ran on the grass for a short stint, but stuck mostly to the path. This was easily my best run in weeks, and boy am I grateful for it.
Surface: Super smooth asphalt, so much nicer than Wedgwood sidewalks!
Ankle: Definitely fatigued, but not that painful twinge this time.
Time: 9:40/mi average (considerably faster than my first barefoot attempts of 11:30/mi), with one mile in the middle at 9:01 (which is a good pace for me no matter what's on my feet!).

Oh, and I finally made it into see my chiropractor (Dr. David Weber) yesterday. He adjusted not only my tight lower back, but also my jammed up ankle. That was new.


  1. So when you say barefoot, you mean 100% no shoes on barefoot, right?

  2. Yes, that one was completely barefoot (BF as opposed to using the VFF's (aka rubber monkey feet).

  3. Sweet, dude! Did people look at you like you were crazy?! :D)

  4. They don't look at me funny, I just hear their "hey look, she's barefoot" comments after I pass them. One guy on roller blades asked if I was "running barefoot on purpose" (as if I might have accidentally forgot to put on my shoes?!), but he was really just interested in what I was doing. He's heard about the VFFs, is thinking of getting some for walking, and was wondering if I'd tried them.