Sunday, April 25, 2010

My fastest 3 miles ever

Before we ran our marathon last May, I had thought perhaps I would set the goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon in the fall of 09 and then running Boston in spring of 2010, just before my 40th birthday. Well, my foot injury didn't quite let me go forward with that plan, so I readjusted and thought maybe instead I could instead try to qualify for Boston as my 40th goal.

So this week I cracked open my marathon training book, and started looking at the interval and tempo run paces for a potential BQ attempt. Dang, those are some fast times! But I decided to see how close I could come to some of the prescribed training paces, thinking maybe I could spend the next couple of months getting back into some speedwork, and then starting to actually train in June/July for a fall marathon, ankle permitting. Too ambitious? Perhaps, but let's play around with it a little....

4/25 (Sun) 8 mi.
4/23 (Fri) 3 mi. (BF)
4/21 (Wed) 6 mi. -- First attempt at a 3 mi. tempo run at the BQ program pace of 7:56 min/mi. I laughed when I read that, and said out loud, "I can't run that!" But I was wrong, I can. I ran 8:00ish, 7:47 and 7:52. The fastest I've ever run 3 miles straight.
4/20 (Tues) 1:30 bike ride
4/19 (Mon) 5 mi.
(1.25 BF, 3.75 VFF 1/4 mi. intervals at 1:46, 1:48, 1:53, 1:55-ish.  BQ training interval pace is 1:41. Eeks!)
4/17 (Sat) 5.3 mi. (run/walk)
4/16 (Fri) 2:25 bike ride
4/13 (Tues) 5 mi.
4/11 (Sun) 2:30 bike ride
*All runs in VFF except where noted as BF.