Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's been 5 months already?!

I had surgery on my ankle on Feb. 7, 2011 (removal of two bone spurs plus repairs to some cartilege damage that my surgeon found while he was in there-- eventually I'll go back and post details, but today is not that day). I've just realized: that was five months ago today. Five months! Shouldn't it be totally healed by now?!  I was on crutches, completely non-weight-bearing for 6 weeks, then went to PT for another 6 weeks. Jump ahead to last weekend, and I was able to walk 7+ miles. This is good progress, I know. But the ankle still gets sore randomly (like tonight-- major limping due to a sharp pain, no idea why) and is stiff for the first few steps after resting/sitting, until it gets loosened up.

My surgeon says this is not uncommon with ankle surgeries. "Ankles just always take longer to heal than it seems they should," he says. So far, my progress is looking good. I've put running out of my head until next year (if it ever becomes possible again at all-depending on the success of that cartilege repair technique), but I did ask when he thought running might become possible again. Maybe this fall he says. Interesting. I'll just keep the "after Jan 1" date in my head to keep my sanity. No pushing this particular envelope.

Besides, I suppose there will be no running until there is no more pain, and pain-free I am not. Ah well. I will do my best to remain patient, because really, what other choice do I have?

Friday, January 7, 2011

More waiting

Well it was fun while it lasted -- the 2 weeks of pain free running, that is. That's as long as the steroid shot got me. So on to the final, surgical option. I've got an appointment next week with the person who will potentially actually do the surgery. And I've still got an appointment on Feb. 3 with the internationally renowned local foot and ankle surgeon (who is actually retired from surgery) just for a consulation. If everyone agrees that surgery is at least worth a shot, then we'll move on with that hopefully soon after that Feb. 3 appointment.

I'm getting impatient, and have thought about just going ahead without the Feb. 3 consult, but I was reminded by my sports med dr that given his reputation, and given the seriousness of a surgery, it's worth waiting just a little longer to get this guy's opinon. So I'm waiting. Not terribly patiently, but I'm waiting.

In the meantime, I learned that there's a new minimalist running store that just recently opened in Bellevue, called, what else, Born to Run. I was particularly pleased to get to see in person and try on some of the Terra Plana VivoBarefoot shoes that I've been eyeing online. I hear that they'll have more VFFs coming in soon. I also hear there's talk of opening a second store in Seattle, but apparently that's still in the works. I'd wondered before how a minimalist-only shoe store would do around here....I guess we'll find out!  They gave me 10% of coupons to give to my friends so I'll be happy to share them with anyone who wants one.