Monday, October 12, 2009

Wedding + Heels = Ow

I have always enjoyed wearing high heels for special occasions, perhaps in part because I don't have to wear them every day to work, but even that is difficult these days. I have a great pair of otherwise comfortable heels (Clarks) for my wedding coordination days -- the heel is chunky and they have a nice wide toe box -- but after 6 hours in them yesterday, my feet are pretty pooped. (I wore flatter nice shoes for the pre-wedding running around, but even those have a slight heel.) This is no suprise, my feet always take a beating at weddings, and I don't know that this weekend was any worse.

Guess I'll see how the running goes this week. The wedding went well though. It was my first at the Dome Room at the Arctic Club Hotel. It's a beautiful space, and I really enjoyed the couple I was working with. Good times.

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