Monday, October 19, 2009

I can still ride

When all else fails, I can still ride my bike! I went for a nice hilly ride yesterday in lieu of running since my ankle is still sore from Friday's too-long run. I'm still self-diagnosing Posterior Tibialis Tendonitis with this ankle business, and I think that as long as I stop running as soon as it starts to hurt, I'm ok. But on days like Sunday (and a month or so ago when I overdid it), when I push it too hard simply because it starts hurting while I'm still a mile or so from home/car, and I don't feel like walking the whole final mile, then it's very much not ok. So I've taken the weekend to just rest, ice, and ibuprofin. The arch strengthening (aka PTT-fighting) exercises that were no problem two weeks ago were definitely not doable without pain this weekend, so I didn't do them. See, I do listen to my body mostly-- and the times that I don't, well, whose fault is that, really?

I've made an appointment with a podiatrist at the sports medicine clinic I used to go to (years ago with a previous running injury) to see if my self-diagnosis is correct and just to make sure there's not anything I'm missing. But I honestly suspect this to just be more of the same: back off and RICE while it's painful, go slow and pay attention as I start back up. I'm certainly learning patience, if nothing else.

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  1. Good luck! I'm curious to hear what the doctor says; be prepared for an anti-barefooting lecture.