Friday, October 2, 2009

Sidewalks Getting Easier

4.25 mi. BF (Wedgwood)
Well, I'm gradually running longer before the ankle hurts, but not in leaps and bounds of distance. Ah well, slow and steady (emphasis on slow) will work I suppose. I'm noticing that the neighborhood sidewalks are not nearly so challenging to run on anymore. They're not as easy as the Burke or Greenlake by any stretch, and I'm still going quite a bit slower on them than the smooth asphalt, but still I feel it getting a little more comfortable for my feet. Guess those callouses are starting to do their job!

The dead skin on my left blister-turned-callous (the red spot that was under my pinky toe shown in the picture a while back) came off while running tonight - but no biggy. I didn't notice it until I got home and the skin beneath is completely fine. Now that both those spots are back to newer skin, I'll just keep an eye on them as they start to callous back up again (sans blisters this time, I hope).

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