Friday, October 16, 2009

Sloshing in the Puddles!

5 mi.- kinda (1 mi. BF, 4 mi. VFFs, Green Lake)
It was pouring this morning, but I decided to get out and see what barefoot running in the rain is like. Wet, and cold at the start, but otherwise ok. I started getting a hotspot on the ball of my left foot where I'd mussed with one of my callouses. Note to self: Leave your feet alone! The little bits of dry skin around the callouses wear off easily enough as I run, but if I muss with them and pull them off myself, I'm only removing some of the protection my feet have been working so hard to build. And this leaves me with hot spots the next time I run barefoot. So after a mile today, I decided to put on the VFFs.

On the bright side, there's no worrying about puddles with the VFFs. I was able to slosh right through them! Tell me how that's not just super fun?! I love the rain, and now I love that I no longer have to avoid puddles. I was also pleased to run about 4 miles before my ankle started to feel sore. I thought I'd just walk for a bit and then finish up for a total distance of 5 miles. But if I stop to walk, and then try to start running again, the ankle seems to freak out. Shooting pain with the first two steps. I had to stand there with my foot up in the middle of the path just waiting for it to chill out for a bit, as I couldn't put any weight on it at all. Slowly, slowly I tried walking... and then running, but that didn't last so long. So I walked/ran back to the car.

When I drove home and got out of the car - same shooting pain in the ankle again. I had to just stop and slowly try to adjust the foot to a position where it would allow me to put some weight on it so I could hobble inside. Grr. Glad to have made it 4 miles before having issues. Frustrated to be having issues at all!

(10/13/09) 2.5 mi. VFF (Wedgwood)
Ankle got sore pretty quick, but given the tired foot after the weekend, I'm not terribly surprised. Will try again tomorrow.

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