Monday, December 13, 2010

Game Play

My second run (4 miles) last week was great! I was just running comfortably no worries about pace or anything else. The ankle was quiet, and yes, it was really fantastic to remember what it feels like to run with nothing hurting. I ended up running 8:30-ish minute miles. Speedy for me! So that's the pace that feels comfortable when nothing hurts. Good to know!

Tonight's run was not as good. I planned 5.8 miles, but had to stop running at about 3.8. I ran a little after that but ended up walking the last mile in. I didn't get the usual sharp pain from the ankle, but something a little more "muted" if that makes any sense. It still hurt enough to let me know I needed to stop, but it just wasn't the same intensity as usual.

I was particularly sad to have it end because I'd been pacing two guys behind me. They'd fallen behind me at one point, but eventually seemed to be making it a point to catch up, and then keep up, with me. So I hung steady for a while. Then I very slowly started picking up the pace....and after a while left them behind with a short sprint. I slowed and was going to let them catch up and start again, but my run didn't last much longer before I had to call it done. Ah well. It was fun while it lasted.

At least now, at home, my foot is completely comfortable. No lingering ankle pain/limping for the rest of the evening. That's something.

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