Tuesday, December 7, 2010

First run on my steroid shot

I was a like a kid on Christmas. I was awake at 4am this morning (not unusual) and couldn't get back to sleep (VERY unusual). I think I was anxious to give this steroid shot a try.  I went out to Discovery Park for the first time (yes I'm embarrassed that I've been running in Seattle for 14 years, and just now made it out to the Discovery Park loop), and ran 3.5 miles. I figured I'd try to break some of the mental patterns I have on my usual running routes while trying to break this pain pattern. The ankle felt comfortable, and was not painful at all on the downhills (which is signficiant). I had a little discomfort (not pain) toward the end. It seemed more along the lines of the "you might have some pain for a day or two caused by the shot" than by my usual ankle issues.

Unfortunately on the drive home, something did end up pinching in my ankle wrong (as often happens when I drive after a run). Drag. This pinching tends to happen when I have to raise my toes immediately after running, as one does to press the gas pedal (or to climb the steps to my house).

Last night when trying out some stretching, I had no soreness. Usually I stretch that calf to the point of pain. Last night I could stretch it as far as possible (which is still less than my left foot, as the right has more limited range of motion), but with no pain whatsoever. So that's promising.

I don't think I asked the dr how long it should take for the full antiinflammatory/pain relief effects to kick in, but since he told me I might have some pain at the injection site for a day or two, I figured it might take a few days (quick web search says sometimes a week or two). Would I have loved 100% relief today? Well yeah, duh. Did I expect it? Not even I am that optimistic. One step at a time.

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